1. What was your motivation growing up? 

My motivation was wanting to provide a better life for my sisters/parents  and also seeing older people on my area do/achieve great things.

2. In regards to the creative process behinds music videos. What is your interaction with the artist to define the look and the story? 

In some cases, artists give me full creative control but then for other artists they’re heavily involved. I think the main thing when working with people and trying to bring a song to live and merge visions is communication. You can’t go wrong if you communicate honestly.

3. When did you realise directing is what you wanted to do? 

Realised it from uni days, came up from shooting uni raves and always I’d create a sort of concept with the rave and bring it to life with the video lol

4. How do you deal with setbacks?

Depending on the urgency but most time I keep to myself and think about the best ways to tackle this situation. The best thing to always do is pray and ask for guidance.

Videos directed by MRMTMMG

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