1. What are 5 things, people or groups that motivate and push you to be your best?

 My Mum she is my number one OG of life. I do everything for her she’s my world. I have an idea of a life, that I want for myself based on my experiences as a child and that reminds me that I need to continuously work hard. 

I want to give opportunities to people who don’t have access to what I also didn’t have but now I’m some what able to provide those opportunities, so it kind of like being the person I needed when I was growing up. 

I want to be an example of good, show the people who I come across that you can be anything you want. 

Knowing that one day I’ll only be a memory, and I believe in higher purpose. So I want to be able to fulfill mine. 


2. Did you have unsupportive peers/friends/family members? If so, how did you deal with it?

I’ve never really had anyone not support my journey explicitly, my family have always given me the choice and freedom to pick what I felt was right for me. I’ve definitely come across people who aren’t as supportive or maybe given me negative energy. But those type of people aren’t important to me and I’ve never let the opinion of someone else get in the way of what I choose to do.  I am constantly surrounding myself with great people where from both sides we can be happy for one another, route for each other and I honestly believe you have to stay true to yourself no matter the reaction of others 


3. What kind of legacy do you want to leave?

I want to leave a legacy where people think above all, I was a great person who thought of others and not just myself. I just want to be able to pass on the energy of happiness. We don’t hear enough about those people of our time who are working hard to make sure we as a generation are all okay. I want a legacy of mine to be known that I am great at what I do and tried my absolute best to learn all I can to teach all I know. 


4. What advice would you give someone thinking if starting a portfolio career?

 Build from as young as possible, and that means consider everything worth it, I’ve taken so many different routes and opportunities even if they weren’t the top of my list to do it was because I wanted to learn. The one thing that know one can take away for you is your knowledge but above all of that learn to build great relationships with people. There is a difference in working hard for what you have but also working smart for the opportunity in the first place. Remain passionate about the things you care about and try and turn that into something, there is always a way. But practice your skill and love yourself for doing it. No ones journey is the same so only compete with yourself and aim to be better because you want to, at the multiple things that you are doing. Then you can truly say you have a portfolio career. 

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