Just to introduce myself briefly, my name is Sara Catriona and in my final year at university. My “why” for starting this series on YouTube called “Aspire to Inspire” is multifaceted, and let me explain what I mean.
I love to talk to people and understand where they’ve come from and their story. Every conversation I have inspires me in some sort of way and I wanted to share the conversations I have with aspirational individuals, asking questions about their inspirations, their why, and their means to achieve their hopeful goals.
Every person I meet has something different about them either being their end goal or their process. This can help to inspire others by indicating there is no correct way to do something, you just got to do it your way!
This platform has been made to inspire people of all races, backgrounds, and fields, through words of encouragement, motivation and laughter.
Hopefully positively influencing people, especially since this world is only becoming better at putting people down!
So, prepare to be inspired ⚡️