Room 113 is a faith based brand with the aim to elevate, educate and entertain communities, both offline and online. Their production house, Cinema 113, is founded on the belief that content can be used to positively influence the world we live in. We aim to elevate, educate and bring people together through quality entertainment.

Moments is series of short vignettes highlighting key points within the timeline of a relationship; those that become defining moments for the progress or regress of the relationship.

Strangers– Lost and trying to locate a friend’s house, a man stumbles into the perfect meet cute

Friends– An awkward Moments between two close friends interrupts their usual sitcom and chill session

Lovers– A couple’s love is tested by the uncertainty of life as they aim to take things to the next level

Enemies– A couple Find themselves in the middle of their last argument.

The idea for the project came about as the team were in search for a story that would resonate well with a diverse audience. We wanted to highlight relationship experiences people could recognise, and give them a sentimental moment to reflect on their own experience. Whether you too are crushing on a friend or hoping to take the next step in your relationship, we hope Moments has something for you.

We learned a lot about the filmmaking process from this project, understanding what is required of each step, from pre production to the marketing of the project’s release. There were many challenges faced, most of those being because, like most early creatives, we were self funding the whole project. But we were able to overcome these, blessed with a strong, able team determined to make that first step into our production career path. Now we have this project under our belts we are able to show the world a glimpse of what we’re capable of, and have the experience to produce something even better in future.

What’s next for us is a gospel comedy series entitled Minister in Training, following a pastor learning to counsel and advice the many wacky characters that can be found in a church.

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