In so many ways recently, we have been reminded that life is short. We can get so caught up in our fears and whatifs, reasons why we’re not good enough or why our dreams don’t/won’t work. We can forget that so many, not too different from us had big dreams they were actively pursuing, however never got the chance to see them fully materialise. One of them being a great young talent Cadet, who passed away a few days ago. This is not to say you should rush your process or not lay the proper foundations necessary, it’s just about making everyday count. It’s about looking at each day as a blessing not afforded to everyone, and colouring it in. So, be bold and remember there is a reason why you are here. Being alive is what qualifies you. Your only responsibility is giving it your best try. It is the least we can do to say thank you. And you never know, your leap of faith may take you further than you thought.
RIP Cadet 🕊