We fell in love with Laurettas work on Instagram and had to get her to tell us a few things about her journey so far with photography. Here is what she had to say:

1. Why did you start photography?

I started photography because the idea of capturing moments life is a surreal experience. With how fast life passes us by, being able to use an electronic device that stops and allows you to experience a moment for longer than usual is remarkable. Apart from that, my partner got me a camera on my 22nd birthday and that’s when my journey officially started.

2. What inspires the work you do and the way you edit your photos?

My main inspiration for my work is being able to stimulate people to get up and do IT no matter what that “IT” might be. I am also inspired by stories that deserve to be heard and the people around me. I want people to see my work and not feel alone. I started editing using VSCO then Lightroom but as of recent I started using Photoshop more. I believe if you want to perfect your craft, you must learn everything that comes along with it and not omit anything out.

3. What advice would you give to anyone who thinks there is no space for them to start something they have always wanted to do?

Nothing is ever original. We all just copy and make it our own by adding our own interpretation and themes that reflect us to it. So essentially, there is space for you to shine no matter how packed it is. If your work is great, no amount of people will change that.

4. What has your journey taught you so far? 

I have really learnt the essence of patience. It really is a virtue. I have also learnt that no matter how overlooked your work might be, your time will come! It’s just not now so in the mean time do everything as best as you can. Learn from the people you look up to, read books your inspirations have read, broaden your horizon. Shadow people you look up to and be the best you can be so when your time is here, you shine gracefully.

Make sure to check out more of her work on instagram @larayee_