1.  Why did you start modelling?

To be honest, I started modelling because at 20 I realised I wasn’t doing anything that I enjoyed. I didn’t have a hobby or any interests. I used to bang out overtime at work and go university. That was pretty much my life. So, I thought about everything I’ve always wanted to do, which was sewing and modelling. Sought out photographers and brought a sewing machine that same month.

2.  Has your perception of the modelling industry changed since you became a model?

Yeah my perception has definitely changed. At first, I did think it was going to be easier. However, down the line, it became clear that sometimes to get a foot up, you have to know people or even the colour of your skin determines whether you’re the new “in” that particular season. Also since I started, the term modelling has .. fluctuated. Influencers are now also considered models and are getting signed or doing jobs that “real” models are better suited for. The games the game.

3. What advice would you give to upcoming models or someone who has been thinking about pursuing a career in modelling?

Before you announce you want to be a model. Figure out what type of model you want to be first. What field do you want to go down? And stick to it. The mistake I made when I started was I knew the type of shoots I wanted, however I ended up doing a ton of photo shoots that didn’t suit my brand, which caused me to pick up habits that didn’t fit the route I wanted to go down. This also caused me a lot of confusion even when asked what type of model I want to be , to the extent where I’ve now had to re-brand. People also book you for the type of shoots you do, so take that into account when you’re thinking about your brand or the shoots you’re accepting. Additionally, not every single shoot you’re offered you have to do. Even if it does pay well.

Take advice, but also realise everyone’s journey is different. Know what you stand for and stand for it. If you don’t feel comfortable doing a particular type of shoot. Say so/leave.  Don’t do it and do not feel pressured or guilt tripped into doing it.

4. Describe your go to outfit for daytime and evening

To be honest, I don’t really have a particular style. I just wear anything. From oversized men tops to dresses. However, I love heels, so would pair that with any of my outfits. During the day, it would be chunky comfortable heels and a dress or skirt. My evening wear, would be a tight dress with heels.

 5. Tell us about your brand 

I’m still working on my brand. I’m still trying to figure out the type of person I want to be, the image I want to represent and what I stand for. I feel like that takes a while, a lot of reading, self-reflection etc, but once you got it .. you got it.


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