1. What inspires you to do what you do?

 My purpose in life inspires me to do the creative work I do. I believe my purpose in life is to make an impact with anyone I come in to contact with. Also to encourage them to build up their confidence especially through trailing times that may have restrained them from achieving their purpose in life. This can be through teaching dance, Choreographing a dance piece or performing a dance piece. I aim to create dance pieces that cause people to view things in different perspective, by presenting visually representations of different issues the audience can identify with the piece and discover different avenues to their breakthrough.

2. When you have a creative block, what do you do to help?

I try to take a breaks from the creative piece, because sometimes is can be as simple as taking sometime from it and then revisit it with a refreshed mind. However if there isn’t enough time for that, I revert back to my purpose and anything that is related in me fulfilling my purpose in life. I begin to ask myself questions. Is this creative piece fulfilling my purpose? How is it doing so? How can I push it further? What methods have I used before to create a successful creative piece in the past? Why was it successful? Could I develop that method and apply it in this current creative piece? 

I believe asking yourself questions give you more insight as to what direction your creative piece should go in, in order to accomplish the result you want.

 3. What challenges have you had whilst on your journey and how did you overcome them?

One challenge that I’m still recovering from is Fear…fear of not making an impact due to no audience, fear of what I create doesn’t match up to the standard I use to create.

Before I went to study I had so much confidence when it came to creating and putting my work out there. After spending 4 years in university, I believed it refined me and built me to be strong in my creative decisions leading to more effective results as well as learning new skills. But as soon as I graduated I had all these amazing ideas  but became paralysed in making these ideas reality. I kept finding so many “excuses” as to why I couldn’t create these ideas although these “excuses” I knew the answers to them but I consciously turned a blind eye to them; all because of Fear. The truth is Fear will always be there being a human being but it is your authority to submit to it or not.


What I began to do to help me out of my fear paralysis, is I set myself short term projects e.g. a 5 day project. I produced an interactive story (one of my other creative skills) in 5 days on Instagram called the ‘Black & Yellow Series’.


It was so scary especially the day before. I wanted to tap out but I had to talk myself out of it. If I couldn’t encourage myself or be my number 1 fan, how can I expect people to like my work I put out there?


I also made myself accountable to my followers on Instagram. So prior to the 5 day Project I made adverts so people were aware of what I was bringing out and if I didn’t do so as I advertised that I would they could question me.


Lastly, I kept encouraging myself to be open to what the 5 day project may bring. For example the people that are meant to see this project will see it, the people that are meant to be impacted by this project will be impacted. So at least I won’t get discouraged if the likes and comments weren’t what I expected them to be.

4. How do you find a balance between work commitments and personal life?

A lot of Sacrifices are made. If it’s to sacrifice some sleep, time with my friends or tv shows and sitcoms. Something has to give. It’s only for a short while anyways.

So currently I find that I work better through the night where there is silence and no one to talk to or be distracted by. So I make good use of that time. So that doesn’t disturb work commitments and personal life except from less sleep. Sometimes I find that until that project is done I don’t really have a personal life (depending on time limits or the required commitment to the creative piece). On the other hand if I am collaborating with people; during rehearsals/meetings I accomplish as much as I can and once rehearsals/meeting are finished and I’ve recorded it. I don’t think or look at it again until the day before the next rehearsals/meetings.  Unless I have homework to do in preparation for the next meet up. This is where I appreciate work commitments and my personal life; to have something else going on so days where i need to step away from my creative work because of a mind block or boredom; I have something to take my mind off it for a while and then revisit it with a refreshed mind. Plus I might find I become inspired or something triggers me to finding a solution to a creative problem in a different environment.

Once you know yourself and how you work, you’ll be able to find a regimen good for you to adapt to but just be prepared to sacrifice.

5. Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?

Expanding my Dance Company I AM ABLE. Training young people in dance and helping them achieve goals they dream of achieving. A Creative Director for different forums within the Performing Arts sector. And lastly, producing gospel influences Broadway shows that deal with social issues.


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