Next up in our Black History Month series, we have Michael Omoniyi! Now Michael carries about 500 talents in his briefcase. Okay, slight exaggeration but this guy does a lot of stuff. Michael works as founder and CEO of The Common Sense Network, a UK based news network for and by millennials. He is founder and director of Our God Given Mission, a missions based charity as well as founder of The Apex Group, a closed group of CEOs and founders. When Michael is not managing these projects he is speaking at events, writing, singing or vlogging. More details on his work can be found out A common theme that can be found in all Michael’s work is reconciliation, bringing different sides together for a common purpose, a mission inspired by Jesus Christ.

“I would like to leave a world more connected than the one I found when I entered. My goal is to spend a life dedicated to reconciliation and bringing people together. Especially groups that don’t normally relate. In an increasingly polarised world, my mission is to leave a lasting impression of reconciliation.” “Jesus Christ inspires me. He lived a blameless life and through words and action set a blueprint we can follow and emulate. He was the physical manifestation of this ministry of reconciliation and its this example I want to follow.” 

By Michael Omoniyi // Stephanie Okereafor