Last but not least in our Black History Month series we have Ivan Beckley. Now Ivan is a serial boundaries breaker, recently completing a Master’s Degree in Data Science, fully sponsored by Google’s Deepmind Health. He was also offered an internship there which he completed over summer. He has now returned to UCL for his fourth year at medical school with hopes that the knowledge gained will support his endeavours to revolutionise the health industry. One of the ways in which he aims to do this is through Suvera Health, an app he co-founded which aims to create a new experience for everyone to easily manage their medications.

“The history I would like to make is one where the products and services that I hopefully help to build helps people live happier and healthier lives. Overall contributing to the design of a more holistic and fulfilling way to care for humanity. Most importantly to me, I hope I can create a platform to help others just like me more and become more regardless of the circumstances of their background.”


“I would have to say Mr Vivien Thomas is a person in history that I am inspired by. Vivian was surgical technician, who went from being a janitor to surgeon in only a matter of years. For me his dedication and focus to his craft of surgery is most inspiring. Beyond the odds, he worked and worked and worked despite never being truly recognised as a doctor. For Mr Thomas, the title was irrelevant the craft of surgery was way way more important. That’s inspiring to me because it helps me to focus on my craft and all else will follow. His life story has been documented in a great filmed called – Something the Lord Made.”

By Ivan Beckley // Stephanie Okereafor