We aim to make the middle a nicer place to be by:

Celebrating Middlers

For their achievements thus far

Increasing Awareness

Of what they do and sharing their stories

Connecting Middlers

To one another and allowing them to exchange knowledge and ideas


Of an innovative and engaging experience


Many believe that the start of the journey is the hardest part. However the journey is like a metaphorical corridor. There is a door on both sides to signify the beginning and the end, and a path in between. Once through the first door there is an initial sense of breakthrough, then you start walking down and realize, it's pretty dark. The journey to the end is ridden with discouragement, and reasons to believe you won't reach it. "I'm not strong enough", The path is too long", "The other path seems brighter", "Everyone is going to reach the other side first", "I haven't got the resources."

The Middle is a platform which aims to illuminate the paths of young, inspirational people, in the middle of their journeys and celebrate how far they have come. It supports them in reaching their goals by facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experiences.



The middle network will connect Middlers through a variety of sessions/event

Mastermind session will aim to give each person in attendance feedback from other members from current problems or situations they are facing.

Skill sharing session will allow individual from similar backgrounds to come together and deepen their knowledge in certain field, as well as allow people from dissimilar backgrounds to learn about a range of different skills.

Their will be a monthly subscription fee of £3 a month to become a Middler and have access to this sessions

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